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How to Open an Oregon Recreational Grow Operation – Part 2: Preparing for the OLCC

The OLCC wants to know about the people behind your company. Last week I opened part 1 of this series,...



Earlier this week we received an Ooze glass blunt and an Ooze GUSHER globe kit. The blunt was pretty epic,...

Jury Nullification Is a Real Thing and You Should Know About It

We are business and corporate lawyers, not criminal lawyers. This means we know enough about the law to tell someone...

They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CLX

Jeff Sessions has said “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” Has he considered who actually uses cannabis? Are grandmas (or anyone...

California Cannabis Leases and Licensing Timelines

California is in the middle of building a massive regulatory structure for licensing medical cannabis businesses. Though we already knew...

BREAKING NEWS: Oregon Sticks It to the Medical Marijuana Program (Again)

“GOODBYE TO ALL THAT” On Tuesday, Enrolled Senate Bill 1057 was signed by the President of the Oregon Senate and...

California Cannabis Webinar in One Week

In exactly one week, on June 1, starting at noon Pacific time, three of our Los Angeles and San Francisco...

Breaking News: Marin County Rejects All Appeals

Marin County Cannabis: fog with a bit of sun We’ve written recently about Marin County in our Cannabis Countdown series....


Website Creation

HxCoding specializes in medical and recreational marijuana website creation. Whether your website needs a rebuild or added functions, we can help you. We provide E-Commerce solutions while ensuring legality of sales.
HIPAA Compliant Marijuana Website

HIPAA Compliance

We are versed in HIPAA compliance to make medical marijuana websites more secure. Whether you are collecting prescriptions online, providing consultations, or want to provide specific information to your patient.


We can provide you with a store to sell marijuana equipment online without needing to worry about stocking shelves, or keeping inventory on hand. The products will ship directly from the manufacturer to your client or patient.
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Where is HxCoding?

HxCoding is in Massachusetts. Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts to residents over the age of 21 years. In support of the favorable stands on legalization of cannabis, HxCoding decided to move its resources from the standard model of marketing and UI/UX development to support the legalization movement across America, and to bring the industry into the web. Getting online for any company (especially new ones) can be a very challenging process. With years of experience in the field, HxCoding is devoted to helping new companies tackle the challenge of marketing in a field that will no doubt become a major contribution to the economy.