Whether it's making your own unique toast, having some stoner over the top version of ants on a log to just eating it by the spoon full, Cannabis infused peanut butter is an edible that will be easy to find a unique use for. Here at the California Weed Blog we try to keep our recipes simple and open ended for any modifications a creative highly medicated individual might want to attempt. Still unsure of what to make? Need a starting point? Try our ULTIMATE PEANUT BUTTER PIE RECIPE!INGREDIENTS:1 cup of your favorite nut butter8-10 tsp infused coconut oil (depending on desired potency)1 Grams of RSO/Activated wax(optional)If you only have wax on hand that will work perfectly just add regular coconut oil to the mix with your waxStir together nut butter and oil(and wax if you want it EXTRA POTENT)until consistent and smooth, then enjoy!Add your favorite spice like Cinnamon or Pumpkin Spice( it's festive right?)If you aren't a fan of the coconut flavor then get refined coconut oil as it has next to no taste.Can be made with any store bought nut butters, or for a more rustic butter combine a cup of your favorite nuts along with the oil in a food processor and mix until smooth.Enjoy
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