Best of Kushstock 2017

The Best Vendors of Kushstock 2017This past weekend cannabis vendors from across the entire state came together in San Bernadino to highlight their newest and favorite products to the general public for free at Kushstock. With hundredS of products on display there were a few who totally stood out with the very best products in their respective categories.Flower- Jah NeticsCalifornia cannabis growers had a strong showing as Kushstock and they were the group who brought their A-Game. There were endless rows of tables with beautiful buds displaying vibrant green, purple, orange and blue hues on endless display in glass jars. With all the top shelf herb present at Kushstock the most outstanding grower of the afternoon, was Jah Netics. The buds ON their table were occupied with some of most terpy, flavorful and potent buds I've ever seen. Jah Netics produces connoisseur level strains such as Golden Goat, Forbidden Fruit, Starburst OG, Watermelon Skunk and so many more it was stunning. These flowers were amazing genetics and delicate growing techniques that make the Jah Netics. Seriously some amazing flower.Concentrate- Guild ExtractsBy far the most prevalent vendors of Kushstock were the concentrate companies. There was A LOT of competition in this area. Samples of everything from distillates, nug run shatters, terpy live resins and even rosin freshly pressed on the spot and dispensed freely on high end oil rigs hooked up to e nails and the occasion torch. So it was tough to choose a winner here however after carefully considering all of them, it has to be guild Extracts for their Terp dipped THC-A dab as it was such a unique product. If you don't know what THC-A is instead of wax the substance is a white crystalline powder which is highest concentration of cannabinoids currently possible (Over 99%). Guild chose to dip this in fresh terps to add flavor and combine the two for their sample dab. I must also give them credit as they didn't go light on either the terps or the THC-A dip which resulted in an extremely fat and tasty dab.Edible- Kush Tacos and Jetty SushiAmong the handful of edible vendors for both prepackaged snacks or prepared foods Kush Tacos and Jetty Sushi were both such standouts that it wouldn't really be fair to choose a winner as it really comes down to if your in the mood for sushi or tacos.Both of these vendors served non-medicated versions of their fare however I'm sure the majority of the orders were for medicated.The sushi was being hand prepped per patient and consisted of fish just as fresh as you'd find at any sushi place (they were also located inside the AC which was nice) and sticky rice with avocado.Outside Kush Tacos was serving up warm tortillas with a patients choice of grilled Carne Asada, Chicken or Jackfruit for the Vegans with infused both red and green chili salsa, cilantro, premium shredded cheese and served with a lime.Vape – Sauce VapeThe reason why sauce Vape will constantly do well at these shows is that they offer something very unique to cannabis vape is that their unique bottled E-Liquid is hands down so much better and more potent then the usual cannabis vape companies. The list of reasons Sauces Bottles better are really endless from the fact they are a better value, have better flavors and are much much more potent as well.In addition we also received a drop of their new product, Endocaps which we can't wait to review!
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