Boost by Dr. Dabber Mobile Oil Rig Review

TheDr. Dabber's Boost mobile oil rigis truly a leap in concentrate vaporizingtech, its ergonomic design and carry case make it super easy and safe tobring along with you on the daily grind or on those life changingoutdoor adventures.We live in a fast pace world. Work ,family and friends demand so muchof our time that by the end of the day we just want to sit back, grab anass full of some couch and indulge in our favorite herbal concentrates.TheBoost by Dr.Dabberfinds it self in an interesting position, itsconstruction and design make it perfect for on the go medicating. A hugeissue with concentrate consumption is that it has historically been astationary or domestic ritual. Butane torches andexpensive fragile glassare not exactly things you want to be carrying around with you allday. That's where the Boost comes in, it gives you the fullexperience of dabbing but without the fragility of a heavy glass pieceor the conspicuousness of a butane torch. Perfect to toss in the trunkof the car to hit up on your lunch break or to through in your back packfor your next trip toYosemite.DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTIONBoy did this piece of kit make a first impression. The sleek blackprotective case is beautiful AND durable! upon opening the case i wassurprised by all this kit had to offer. It comes with three bangers oneglass ones ceramic and one titanium. One handheld battery and heatingelement one glass mouth piece and percolator two silicone wax containersa dab tool, key chain cleaning swabs and micro usb charging cable. Thebattery life on the Dr.Dabber does not disappoint a single full chargelast me about 3 days of on the go dabbing, i even find my self using itat home completely forgoing the options i have in my glass rig stable.Over all in my opinion Boost by Dr.Dabber is a worth every penny, theconvenience and quality it offers is unparalleled in the current marketplace.Enjoy!
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