California: Contaminated Marijuana Discovered Among Medical …

California Distributors of marijuana are withdrawing products from their stands after most of their stocks of medical cannabis were discovered by investigators to be contaminated.

To deal with the problem, the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation pledged on Thursday to overhaul the safety regulations that guide medical marijuana testing.

According to NBC Los Angeles, although shop owners guaranteed that their products were clean, NBC4 I-Team found that a majority of marijuana products in California contain pesticides.

The investigators reported that 44 various cannabis products were purchased from different stores in Southern California, after asking if the items did not contain contaminants. The products were then delivered to Steep Hill Laboratories in Berkeley for testing. The tests found that around 93 percent of the marijuana held copious amounts of pesticides. In fact, the contamination levels were over the safety limits of other states with legal marijuana.

Medical CannabisIn an interview with NBC Los Angeles, Ms. Lori Ajax, Director of the state’s Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation said: “I think the goal of California is to make sure the public and patients have safe cannabis and so I think it is important that we test the product and that we’re testing for pesticides. All cannabis will need to be tested before it is passed on to the dispensary to be sold at retail.”

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