Cannabis-Infused Cough Syrup? It Could Cure You…or Confuse …

Ask a Stoner: Will Marijuana-Infused Syrup Cure My Cough?


Dear Stoner: A co-worker recently told me about marijuana-infused cough syrup. Is that like lean? Will it make you feel more loopy than other edibles?
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Dear Chopped: I hope the boss didn’t overhear you — it’d be a shame to get a surprise drug test tomorrow because you said “marijuana” or “sizzurp” too loud in the break room. But if you did get tested after sipping that syrup, you’d only test positive for THC and not for codeine, the substance in promethazine cough syrup that causes mind-altering effects.

Ask a Stoner: Will Marijuana-Infused Syrup Cure My Cough?

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Codeine isn’t an over-the-counter drug. Drinking too much of it can cause severe problems in the respiratory system; it contributed to the deaths of celebrated Houston musicians Big Moe and Pimp C. Under current regulations, there’s no way a marijuana business would be allowed to mix codeine — or even dextromethorphan, the sedative in common cough syrups — in its syrup. Most sizzurps are just a thick, sugary drink made from a combination of hash, corn syrup and food oils.

Watch Lil Wayne mumble and groan his way through a few interviews, and it’ll become clear that mixing codeine and marijuana isn’t a great idea anyway.

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