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Local news(California):In March, Los Angeles voters will go to the polls once again to hash out two decisions related to the states recently passed legalization measure.Measure M and Measure N further clarify some of the local regulations related to the sale and taxation of cannabis in Los Angeles County.Having two separate ballot measures has posed somewhat of an issue for proponents asMeasure Ncompetes on the ballot withMeasure M. In the case of competing measures both receiving majority approval, California law states that the measure that receives the most "yes" votes will supersede the other. The official proponents of Measure N abandoned support of their initiative and urged voters to reject it and vote "yes" on Measure M instead. Voting will take place on March, 7, 2017.Also in California.Police have arrested three men who stole a truck filled with a half ton of cannabis. Pomona Authorities spoke on the crime saying "it appears it was possibly a prearranged meeting between both parties and a drug deal gone wrong. The suspects were observed by the police helicopter unloading the trailer and throwing large bags into the backyard of the residence,” Pomona police Sgt. Dennis Cooper remarked. “When officers arrived and detained the suspects, they found that the trailer and bags contained approximately 1,200 pounds of marijuana.”Their suspicions on illicit nature of the deal were further clarified as the arrest lead to the subsequent discovery of an illegal grow operation in a suburban home.As the Police got a search warrant for the home in question and soon discovered 240 marijuana plants growing inside. Reminding everyone that although cannabis is legal in California there is still a large amount of illicit and grey market activity in the industry.Nationally:Taking place in the state of Florida. Advocates for Amendment 2, the states widely accepted medical marijuana program say the states legislature is trying to undermine the will of the voters by restricting access to the states already limited system.Patients in the sunshine state are worries asAmendment 2, Which passed this past November with a stunning 70% of voter approval was set to expand the program making it easier for those in Florida to obtain relief from medical marijuana. However officials in the statehouse intend on delaying access by their plan of folding Amendment 2 into the states already limited low-THC, high-CBD program created in 2014 rather than creating a new infrastructure and regulatory system consistent with the access to medical marijuana that the new law commands. The Florida Department of Health also wants to give the Florida Board of Medicine—not individual doctors—the authority to approve or deny qualifying medical conditions. However this overreach is not without its critics as who want to see Amendment 2 implemented as the voters intended.Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg), a backer of Amendment 2, recently introducedSenate Bill 614, which would force state regulators to implement Amendment 2 as exactly as written.In an official statement, Brandes emphasized the need to recognize the will of the voters. “The overwhelming support of Amendment 2 was a strong mandate,” he said. “Floridians demand fundamental change to the way we regulate medical marijuana" and that “The state today artificially limits the number of marijuana providers, promoting regional monopolies and standing in the way of the physician-patient relationship,” Brandes added. “This legislation removes those barriers and will provide expanded access to Floridians who could benefit from the use of these products.” Sen Brandes comments have cleared the way for a contentious debate on the issue in the upcoming legislature agenda.Also Happening on the Continent:In Canada,You can now buy WEED on the Toronto Stock Exchange.Ontario-based Canopy Growthunveiled its new tickeron the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) on Wednesdayand its new namesake made quite the bold impression you can now find the listed under: WEED.CEO Bruce Linton said in a statement the company was “thrilled to be marketing WEED” on TSX . Many are expecting the value of marijuana companies to keep growing substantially. Especially north of the border in as. The Canadian government looks set to advancelegalization of the drugin the coming months.If you see a story you'd like us to cover. Shoot us a tip at:Info@Californiaweedblog.comEnjoy!
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