Customs seize 23kg of marijuana and over 4,700 narcotic tablets …

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Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Jamal, Chairman of the General Authority of Customs, has appreciated four employees of Customs at Hamad International Airport and Land Customs Department for seizing a large cache of narcotics.
In different seizures from travellers coming to Doha, a total 23 kilogramme of “marijuana” and 4,704 narcotic tablets were recovered.
Airport Customs at Hamad International Airport seized marijuana in three “failed attempts”.
The drug had been concealed in various parts of suitcases belonging to passengers. On inspection, different quantity of marijuana from 5kg to 10kg was recovered.
One of the customs inspectors was able to discover a third seizure through manual inspection device which enabled her to see the details of the bag from the inside and she found during inspection a single piece of marijuana filling the entire bag.
Custom inspectors also seized 4,000 narcotic pills hidden in cans of legal and authorised medicines inside the bag of a passenger. Separately, Land Customs Department at Abu Samra seized 704 narcotic tablets which were being smuggled into Qatar inside the spare tyre of the car.
Morshid Al Kuwari, Director of Land Customs Department (LCD), said that the competence of the staff was the reason behind the success in controlling the smuggling of narcotics.
Ajab Mansour Al Qahtani, Director of Customs at Hamad International Airport, said that the seizures of such large quantity of narcotics by efficient staff would send a message to smugglers to not attempt smuggling narcotics into Qatar in future.
He said that the marijuana was wrapped in carbon as smugglers thought they would be able to dodge X-ray scanners. He said that the Authority has highly sophisticated inspection devices besides competent inspectors.


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