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Deputies investigating illegal marijuana grow in Benton City

 BENTON CITY, WA – Right now, Benton County Sheriff’s deputies are still looking for two people involved in an illegal marijuana growing operation. 

Reporter Jaclyn Selesky went to the neighborhood in Benton City today, and spoke to a woman who lives nearby.

A massive drug bust in what seems like a quiet neighborhood all happened in one house where Benton County Sheriff’s Deputies seized more than 1,500 marijuana plants.

“You could see them with a shield, a SWAT shield,” said a neighbor. “They all started walking towards the house.”

That’s the scene a neighbor, who wants to remain anonymous, woke up to Tuesday morning. It all started when deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call, but instead found $1.6 million worth of marijuana plants, part of two unlicensed grow operations.

“I had no idea,” the neighbor admitted. “No clue. You never know what’s happening right in your back yard, huh?”

Deputies say the two suspects also illegally tapped into an irrigation line to help the marijuana grow.

“Something like that it’s a big eye-opener,” the neighbor said. “Especially because we’re starting a neighborhood watch just recently. We just had a meeting about it.”

But this is one topic that wasn’t on the agenda. The neighbor told us the house that sits right behind hers always looked a bit eerie, even abandoned.

“We just moved to Benton City, we love it here,” the neighbor said. “We came from California and we absolutely love it. Our neighborhood is great. Everyone’s really close here. We focus on our front yard, but not really our back.”

Benton County deputies have identified the two suspects, but they’re still trying to find them. Sheriff Jerry Hatcher says they are waiting to release the names until they know exactly who is being charged with what crime.

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