With Marijuanacontinually gaining more and more acceptance I get asked a lot of questions. Literally everything from sprouting a seedling to properly and legally setting up a Dispensary. People interested in RECs(Doctor Recommendation to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes)are often most interested in how a Dispensary operates and what to expect when they get there. If you're thinking of getting a REQ or just got one, In this article we'll walk you through the ins and outs of shop etiquette.Denver, ColoradoI know as a first time buyer some of you will be amped and fully ready to experience a whole new world filled with raw flower, edibles, concentrates and various pre-made items. I know I was. Although it is very exciting there are certain rules you must be ready to follow in order to have the best time during your dispensary experience.note: each and every dispensary has their own security process and they're all little different. This is a general rule for all of them but some may be more rigid with their protocols depending on where you go.1.)Have your REC and ID readyOut of the many places I've been to I only know one or two where you could even get in without valid paperwork. Don't even try to show up at a shop with out one. They'll just ask you to leave2.) Don't touch the jarsIf you don't follow this one your going to get called out pretty quickly. A lot of these clubs pride themselves on having a professional establishment. The bud tenders are there to help you and will let you smell possibly even touch the buds if you ask. So don't be a fucken idiot and just go grabbing everything without permission.3.Be ready to pay in cash.Because Cannabis isn't "legal" on the Federal level they are cut off from commercial banking forcing most dispensaries to be a cash only business. They do have an ATM if you need it, but don't expect it as most don't.4.)Don't smoke in the parking lot.This one is super important. Like I said earlier, a lot of these shops want to be seen and accepted as respectable a business (and some of them really shine at that) and no one wants a bunch of stoners lighting up in their parking lot. GTFO5.)If you had a good time write a review.Spread some love overWeedmaps.comor bring a friend next time you go. Pretty much every club I know will give you a free gift for the hook up.
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