Some may call me an usual man but today I'm here to help you understand all aboutDoctor Robert's Big Bang Brownie.Handmade out of San Diego, the fine band of folks over at Doctor Robert's are crafting all sorts of delectable treats but this week they brought us the Big Bang! Packing 200mg of THC and 7mg of CBD, this fudgey square was packed with chocolatey chips. Moist and flavorful, not even a hint of a harsh plant material tang could be found. The taste was extremely impressive and made even more enjoyable by the copious chocolate chunks.Effects wise this Cannabis Big Bang packed a wallop. Though I am a high tolerance edible gobbler and daily dabber I felt a four hour window of pure brownie medicated bliss before feeling an urge to toke anything additional. Creativity was an 11/10 and conversation was frequently insightful and hilarious. By bedtime drifting off to sleep was easy as cake and many hours of deep rest was had.If you spot Doctor Robert's on the shelf fly like a blackbird to your nearest dispensary! There is just something about these magical treats that you'll feel all the way down to your rubber soul. Eat a Big Bang and you'll be a day tripper in no time!Enjoy!
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