Does Smoking Marijuana Leave A Hangover? – The Smokers Club

Ever felt a little slow the morning after a smoke sesh?

That might be because THC, a fat-soluble chemical and one of the active ingredients in marijuana, can remain in the body for days. Especially where edibles or other marijuana products which metabolize slowly are involved, the effects of marijuana can remain for days. Even simple exercise can release the remaining THC back into the bloodstream, keeping a high going long after the initial toke.

Beyond a slowness of thought, some people report feeling cotton mouth, dizziness, or confusion upon waking up.

As with alcohol, very little can be done to prevent a hangover besides limiting your intake, keeping hydrated and well-fed (though that never seems to be a problem when smoking), and straying too far from one’s sleep cycle.

Do all that, and you’ll wake up feeling like Snoop Dogg:


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