Recently hitting Southern California,Dr. Norm's Cookiesare a delectable and sensible treat. From a brother and sister inspired by their parents, these baked treats are not only delicious but responsibly dosed for beginner to intermediate edible fans. Using their mother's recipe, this pair have hand crafted confections informed by their father's medical background. They instill this sense of compassion into all facets of their brand, from the quality of ingredients to their very informative packaging.When it comes to taste, these cookies simply can't be beat (especially if you're a fan of small crunchy cookies likeFamous Amos). If you are a fan of brown sugar goodness you will be in heaven as these morsels include just enough chocolate chips to create an incredibly pleasing mouth experience. Each cookie is is about the size of a half dollar so you won't feel bad if you want to gobble up a few. Potency will vary depending on if you grabbed a Low Dose , Regular or Extra Strength bag.Each cookie has either 10mg or 25mg of THC of which you can detect a hint of on your palette almost immediately but wasn't overpowering. I gave a couple other writers with a lower tolerance a bag of the 5mg Low Dose. They swore that just one 5mg had an affect that had them giggling and feeling relaxed for a few hours. I myself tend towards a higher tolerance so I opted to sample a 200mg Extra Strength Bag. Putting the bag down was extremely difficult as the taste was addicting but I reserved myself to patiently waited for the full effects of 4 cookies. I was pleasantly surprised by the definitely indica dominant effects as my body felt fully medicated but my mind stayed focused and creative. The potency became clear almost 4 hours later as I was able to soundly rift to sleep in minutes flat. I awoke feeling energized, refreshed, and hungry for more cookies!Appearance 4/5:Professional & Clean packaging highlighting a health conscious mindset.Taste 5/5:The only complaint is I wish there was more!Effects 4/5:Incredibly pleasing effects with nice, mild sedation.Overall 4/5:Available in bags or single packs, Dr. Norms are a wonderful entry to the baked good edible community and definitely a cookie to crave!To Find one of the 30+ Dispensaries near you that carry Dr. Norms Cookies Click HereEnjoy!
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