Want an easy Cannabis Infused chili oil? Ready to take your boring bland dish up a notch like a pro? Here atThe California Weed Blogwe like it Spicy! Whether you're into a more "Mexican Style" heat, an Asian Sichuan-style burn or some all purpose chili oil we've got you covered! Chili oil typically is dried (sometimes crushed) chiles preserved in oil. Since we are making a Cannabis and Chili infused oil we're going to opt for a more fatty oil as fatty oils are much more effective in absorbingTHC.Cannabinoids and fats are both consideredhydrophobic, THC molecules are extremelylipidsoluble when heated in a fatty solution. This starts working in the pan and continues its work in your body. After which THC is stored in youradiposetissue and remains there for 30 days or more. The storage of THC in fatty tissue is #1 reason why you can still fail a drug test long after you "quit" smoking (a shame, I just quit smoking yesterday). OKAY I HEAR YOU! ENOUGH SCIENCE LETS GET TO THE GOOD STUFF!Need a Recipe Idea?Check out our recipe for Cannabis infused chili using our California Weed Blog Cannabis Infused Chili Oil!INGREDIENTS1 Cup Olive oil (or oil that you choose)1/2 – 1 Cup Cannabis1/2 Gram Activated Wax (optional)2 tsp red chili flakes(add more if you want it extra spicy!)1 – 2 whole dried Habanero chilesWe used Habaneros but you can literally use any of your favorite chiles, try using Thai chiles for an Asian kick or even Arbol or Ancho for a smokey Chipotle style heat, the world is your oyster, EXPERIMENT!INSTRUCTIONSBreak up your bud. You can do it by hand, with a grinder or with a food processorCombine olive oil and Cannabis stirring every 15-20 minutes. Simmer on medium low for 4 hours (the longer the better) Be sure not to boil the mixture or it will reduce the potency of your end product!Add chiles, crushed pepper and Wax (optional for the high tolerance enthusiast!) and simmer for another 20 minsStrain contents and bottle for later use. I like to pull the Dried whole chiles out and stuff them in the bottle with the infused oil.What you should end up with is a wonderfully spicy chili oil that tastes so good on everything you forget theres Cannabis in it. The best part about Chili oil is the longer it has to mature the more enhanced its flavor and spice level gets! Use this recipe to TURN UP the heat (as well as the buzz) on pasta, nachos, chili, seafood, poultry dishes or really anything you want! Try the recipe out and drop us a comment on how it went! Need your first recipe to use this Chili oil?Check out our recipe for Cannabis infused chili using our California Weed Blog Cannabis Infused Chili Oil!**use with caution as it may be toohot for the mild hot sauce lover andtoo potent for the beginner…..pussies. I kid haha**
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