Edmontonians sound off on provincial marijuana regulation

An online government survey is gathering public feedback about how marijuana should be regulated in Alberta once the drug becomes legal.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us and some important decisions to make,” Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley said at the survey launch Friday.

  • Province wants feedback on marijuana legalization in Alberta

Earlier this year, the federal government introduced legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana use in Canada by July 2018.

  • Liberals to announce marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018

Provinces and territories are responsible for certain aspects of that legislation, such as the legal consumption age for marijuana.

“While the directive came federally, how we implement it here in our province will be a decision made in Alberta,” Ganley said.

In Edmonton, opinions differed about what aspects of marijuana use Alberta’s specific provincial regulations should target.

Anemone Ruder said she is most concerned about quality control, a topic not mentioned in the survey.

“It needs to be controlled so that you get a decent product,” Ruder said Sunday. “Just like when you go out and buy booze, you get beer that doesn’t kill you.”

Raelle Meghias said legalization wouldn’t be a problem — as long as people didn’t use it in public.

“I don’t think I would mind if they had it for personal use at home only,” Meghias said.

Anyone caught driving under the influence should “get a heavy ticket,” added Beki Kalaza.

“The rules for impaired [driving] should be tougher for people having marijuana in the system,” he said.

But Joe Luce said he’s not sure how police would enforce such regulations.

“How can you control that, once they legalize it?” he asked. “That’s a huge question.”

The survey closes July 31 at 4 p.m., after which the province will draft its framework for legalization.

Edmontonians sound off on provincial marijuana regulation

Photo : Edmontonians sound off on provincial marijuana regulation

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