Event organizers gave free medical marijuana cards to veterans

RENO, Nev (KOLO) — Numerous veterans in and around Reno received a free medical marijuana card. It’s a process of helping veterans realize the different options available to them, when it comes to treatment.

Last year the Canna Community Connection helped more than 20 veterans sign up for medical marijuana. On May 27th, 2017, that number was a lot higher.

“Some veterans who are lower income, it can be a barrier to getting it. Obviously it’s not covered by health insurance,” said Sarah Rosenfeld, Organizer.

Local dispensaries and cultivators had booths set up to provide information.

Tod Sherman is a caregiver to his wife. He says she is 100% disabled and suffers from PTSD and pain medicine hasn’t help, so she is deciding to try something else.

“We are hoping the medical marijuana will offer her an alternative,” said Sherman.

He says she has never used marijuana before, but Sherman says she hope it will help her with the pain.

“It’s a ray of hope she hasn’t had. I have been involved in marijuana for 40 years and I’m excited to see the opportunity to be legalized, but more so for the medical aspects,” said Sherman.

More than 50 veterans signed up for a medical marijuana on May 27th, 2017.

Shane Whitecloud is a veteran representative and he says the stereotype that veterans will lose their VA medical benefits because they have a medical marijuana card is false.

“When you are using medical marijuana, what you will lose is your ability to be prescribed opiates and narcotics through the VA hospital,” said Whitecloud.

Whitecloud is a veteran himself and got his card last year. He says he was afraid to get his card because of the backlash he might face from other veterans.

“Unless people are educated, then they don’t understand. I wasn’t educated and I was making the same assumptions,” said Whitecloud.

Whitecloud does not represent the Veterans Administration. Darin Farr of the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System responded to KOLO-TV, saying, “Mr. Whitecloud is not an employee of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, nor does he represent the agency. If Veterans have questions or concerns regarding the use of medical marijuana, they should have that discussion with their VA physician. “

Organizers say it usually costs a few hundred dollars for veterans to get the cards by themselves.

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