6 FAQs

  • How do I make an Order?

    The best way is to send over an email. Each project is customized, and as such, we need to make sure we can build the project requirements appropriately.

    Send an email here:

    Email HxCoding

  • Who does HxCoding Serve?

    Business, individuals, and consultants/freelancers.

  • How do I qualify to become a client?

    HxCoding is somewhat exclusive and does not accept all projects.

    Some determining factors for qualifications include:

    1. In business for over 1 year, or have a proven product or service
    2. Custom computer builds are very high-end machines, most budgets are in the $4000+ range.
    3. Website clients should expect their budget to be inclusive of marketing. We do not build websites for companies that do not have a marketing structure planned. We can build a marketing plan for you if you would like the additional service.
  • How Much is a Custom Computer?

    Generally, the custom computers we build are in the $4,000 - $15,000 range. Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance.

  • How much is a custom website?

    Web sites are in the $4000 to $1M+ Range. Each contract is customized, so without specifics, it is difficult to set a number. Our clients are required to have a marketing plan. We do not like to build websites that are not found on the web, and as such, we do not build sites for clients who do not also have a marketing plan. The marketing plan can be purchased from HxCoding if you need one.

  • Can HxCoding send someone to work on site?

    At the buyer's expense, provided the contract is at or above $100k on-site work can be completed in the continental USA.