For and against: Medical marijuana bill gets two new amendments

FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV) – A bill aimed to legalize medical marijuana in our state is going to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Marijuana graphic by MGN.

Two amendments to the bill were added. The first would allow anyone with a prescription for medical marijuana to grow two plants in their home for personal use.

The second amendment would allocate 10 percent of contracting proceeds to drug prevention and rehabilitation.

We spoke to some individuals about the bill. One for, the other against.

One person who likes the idea said that close to 30 states have legalized the drug to cut down on opioid use. He says with our state facing a big opioid addiction problem, it makes sense to legalize the drug.

“28 states have allowed patients with their doctor’s approval to use cannabis as a safer alternative to opioids,” said Matt Simon, a Legislative Analyst with the Marijuana Policy Project. “And that’s something that’s been known to be associated with lower opioid overdoses fatalities.”

But, on the other side, another individual feels this would only make our substance abuse problems worse.

“People can get a prescription for just about anything if they look hard enough,” said Frank Jarman, Executive Director of the Marion County Family Resource Network. “We can not stand one more thing that’s fighting against stopping substance abuse in West Virginia.”

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