Girl scout cookies is by far one of the most popular strains of marijuana. Even if you live in a state where cannabis is still illegal it's likely you've heard of and possibly even had "GSC". Since Girl Scout cookies carries a reputation as a premium strain it's common to see growers opt to make some interesting hybrids using other popular cannabis genetics.I've recently had the pleasure of sampling a couple of delicious cross strains and am extremely excited to share a quick review.BLUE COOKIES (8/10)Blue cookies- Probably my second favorite cookies strain after animal cookies. I originally thought the blue in this strains came from Blue Dream. However, blue cookies is a hybrid of Girl Scout cookies and blueberry. This unique combination results in a very pleasant experience. Smoking this specific strain got me higher then a lot of the cookies hybrids I've had before. The taste and potency of blue cookies makes this strain one that Ill be searching for in concentrate form.XXX COOKIES (6/10)XXX cookies- I've only recently started seeing this strain appear in dispensaries and usually see it on the private reserve shelf. Its likely this strain is pretty new as there's no Leafly page yet and a google search didn't turn up much information. However a cross of XXX OG and GSC are the obvious genetics. This would put it further into Indica territory and is very apparent from its highly sedative and euphoric effects. In my opinion it was nothing special but was a great night-time strain.Overall I can't complain about either one. If given the choice I'd probably opt for blue cookies. However with so many different GSC strains on dispensary shelves, and my desire to always try new and exotic genetics it may be a while before I circle back around.
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