I've never been a fan of pre rolled joints. I think they turned out to be one of the big disappointments of becoming a medical marijuana patient. Before I got my recommendation I would see people buy these huge pre rolled joints right at a dispensary. It looked so cool.However right after It became legal for me to actually shop at a dispensary I learned the secret. Those pre rolled joints are actually terrible. I've had a few that were ok but usually their un smokeable to decent at best. They often don't taste right and I have the suspicion some of them have been sitting on the shelves long before I had my recommendation in the first place.One exception is a few different companies that offer a premium pre roll. These are different because they are made with top shelf bud, oil and keif. This particular brand called a Golani roll was a welcome deviation from the normal disappoint that pre rolls usually are.The Golani roll I have here is the golden version which comes with bud, BHO and Keif. There is also a sliver flavor which swaps the BHO for hash.What makes a Golani roll special from pretty much all the other premium pre rolls is they chose to put the Kief on the outside while most of their competitors require you to just have faith that they have included the necessary Kief inside the joint. Golani roll makes it abundantly clear by coating the entire outside with beautiful trichomes. You could even see them evaporate away as the joint slowly burned down.(CLOSE UP ON OUTER KIEF LAYER)What impressed me most about the Golani roll was it only costs $12. This is amazing especially if you consider some of those un smokeable and disappointing pre rolls are sometimes sold for $10.I'm happy I got to try this product. I was the first person to buy one at my local dispensary. The bud tender even had to call the owner to ask how much to sell it for as they weren't in the computer yet. Overall I'm satisfied and will looking forward to reviewing the Silver Golani roll in the future.
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