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Hi420.comwas so excited to share the relaunch of their website with us that they sent a glass expert over to our office to share some sick glass and other goodies.Finding good glass can be a real challenge, especially when you order online as you don’t see how a piece is designed until you hold it. The #1 benefit of buying glass online is its always cheaper, but that’s not always a good thing, as cheap Chinese imports can break the second they get near a flame. Luckily theres now a solution for patients who want quality glass but want to save for the actual Meds. The Solution?Hi420.coma brand new one stop shop covering smoking, vaping and dabbing. We've heard a lot of good things about this company, their products but especially their price points and now we can share our findings.11" Arm Tree with Honeycomb- KG17Rating 1-5:Price: $83Easy of use: 3Functionality: 4Value: 3Looks: 4Quality: 5This one was by far the most sturdy piece we received from hi420.com. I feel most confident with one as my daily driver as I feel like its thick glass and super low center of gravity should mean it can handle an accidental tip over well. In addition this piece has some stunning looks for its compact size, with a diffusion chamber that looks like its filled with chandeliers. This a great desk piece (if your office is cool like that… (but then again not everyone works for The California Weed Blog). This piece has a multi-leveled variable percolation system makes it difficult to gauge the water level this piece needs at first. Although Nice and compact it is not likely a beginner will figure out water to chamber ratios right away.11" Propeller glass Bong w/Drum Perc-MS-0010Rating 1-5Price: $83Easy of use: 2Functionality: 2Value: 3Looks: 4Quality: 3The most obvious feature of this piece is its functional turbine planted to the middle deck and set over a tiny perc. One of the top benefits of this piece is a better diffusion of chambered smoke which results in a noticeably lighter and more airy hit. This effect does work however on bongs where the propeller lays horizontal such as this I had to take a huge hit in order to get the propeller to spin which was fun to watch when it happened. One thing we liked about this piece its wide variety of color combos. However, If your after diffusion effect but want don’t want to have to pull as hard use a horizontal based propeller like this oneHEREwhich was featured on a recent giveaway (follow our Instagram for more details and Giveaways)17.5″ Black Double Arm Tree Bong w/ Ice Catcher- MS-0003Rating 1-5Price: $98Easy of use: 3Functionality: 3Value: 4Looks: 5Quality: 5I gave this piece high marks for a number reasons as I was very impressed with its hard but not rough force of hit and clean and clear filtration. This is ironically thanks to the same flaw that that make it difficult to wash, its fancy double vertical percolation system. This system does an amazing job at providing an intense and flavorful medicating experience. However like previously said, it makes cleaning a little more challenging but not enough to discourage someone from purchasing this piece. Buying for glass is just like shopping for a car. The more elaborate set ups usually perform better and provide more enjoyment however require more care to keep in working order.4 Piece Sharpstone Rasta Herb GrinderThere are so many things I loved about this Rasta Colored grinder and this has to be one of my absolute favorite things on the site. First, its sturdy metal build and deeply grooved finish effortlessly mulls Cannabis of any constancy into a light blend perfect for any bowl or blunt. I also loved the magnet on the top as this means your 4 piece grinder will always stay together when you want it to. Another great thing is the keif catcher. In the 2 weeks I used this grinder it built up a enough of that precious dust to liberally sprinkle a blunt. As a Bonus, the little keif tool they provide is one of the best ones I've used. This also has to be one of the best values on hi420.com as they only cost $17. I routinely see similar metal grinders go for over $30 in local head shops. One thing I will mention is that with heavy use the finish one the inside of the grinder will fade after a while, so if your worried about that I would pick up one of their silver ones(here's a nifty 5 piece with handle in silver finish). There's also a mini version which handles just as good if not better as its compact size makes it perfect for any purse or bag. The also have a wide variety of other smokingaccessoriesas well asvape and e-cig.Conclusion-Hi420.comis a wonderful one stop shop for all your smoking needs. Everything around and between huge bongs sprawling over 2 feet or any kind of water pipe, vape device or any smoking accessory you could possibly think of, often at a heavily discounted price and way below what you would see at a head shop for. So yes if you're i the market for a new piece or definitely visit their website and take a peek.Enjoy!
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