High Dining: Sushi + Doobie Workshop

Admittedly as a somewhat avid smoker I've never been all that great at rolling. You name it cones, joints, backwoods, or blunts, no matter how easy it may look they always turn out a little…well let's just say sad. In all fairness though I honestly haven't ever really tried to perfect the craft. I mean what's the point when I keep good company with masters of the art right??Recently I was fortunate to attend High Dining's Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop put on by MJU High Dining Club (a division of Mary Jane University) and taught by Chef Victor Miller. The overall experience was phenomenal, good food, good vibes, and very educational. This might be a bold statement, but I think my days of shitty rolling are over. First off walking into the event the setup was dope….a little on the hot side, but personally I'm always cold so I really didn't mind, plus they gave us these really adorable Japanese fans so in my eyes it was totally worth it! Tables in the center of the room were lined with rad individual rolling stations, equip with both the necessities for joint rolling and sushi.They started passing out the flower (provided by Hummingbird Medicinals) so I grabbed a spot and scoped the layout; rolling papers by Leafly, a top notch grinder from MJU High Dining, a rolling mat by Bud and Bloom, chopsticks and some other sushi knick knacks.The night started out with a hilarious "How to Roll a Blunt" demo by MJU Valedictorian and 'stonedup comedian' Wolfie. Besides being super entertaining she made the tutorial seem easy enough….and even claimed to be terrible at rolling, so I'm thinking there just might be hope for me yet!Next up was Kandice Hawes, founder of Orange County NORML,a non-profit organization focused on the reform of Marijuana laws. She spoke a bit on some crazy laws pending in the state of California that will heavily effect the Cannabis Community in the near future if passed, as well as Citizen Lobby Day and how to get involved in helping shape the state's legislature on medical and recreational cannabis use.Chef Victor then took the stage for the "Doobie + Sushi" rolling portion of the event. At this point I've been grinding my weed for about half an hour in anticipation….needless to say I'm ready to tackle this jay and get baked.He starts his instruction, and I pay close attention….one of two things; I finally figured out what chopsticks are for, they help create the perfect crutch, also he's either a profesh at teaching novice joint rollers or whatever because by some strike of dumb luck something clicked and I was able to roll a passable doobie! Slight mental victory dance but there no time to bask, were on to the sushi!!We clear our stations, I can't help but to spark up while they pass out the fixins for an Alaskan Roll; nori, sticky rice, avo, serrano peppers, some smoked fish and capers, fresh salmon, ginger, scallions and cucumber.Again, either Chef Victor is either a master teacher or I've tapped in to some rolling gene I had no idea I possessed. Not one to brag but my roll looked bomb AF *hair-toss, hair-toss*. My second joint even looked better than the first, just look at that beut!! The Chef made his rounds and gave pointers; mine was quoted as "very good". Tell aaaaall yo friends, proud moment, pat on the back!! Not too shabby for a (is it too soon to say former?) shitty roller. Afterwards they came by to slice the rolls, and thank god, at this point I'm sufficiently lit and not so surprisingly hungry to boot. Most have already ditched the waiting game and are going in on their sushi…but I'm sticking around for that infused miso mustard from Om Edibles!Let's just say, well worth the wait. I don't know if the roll was so bomb because the fish was super fresh, I was ultra baked, or because I rolled it myself. Either way I was pleased, sufficiently high, fed, and ready to checkout the rest this event had to offer. My first stop was the Honey Pot infused tea, good, but a little overwhelming. I don't know if it was the just the flavor of the tea but in my opinion you could definitely taste the herb in it.Next up I spoke with some lovely ladies from Hummingbird Medicinals. They walked me through their super cool and unique growing process. Located in the Sierra-Nevada foothills, their farm is not only sustainable, they don't even use fertilizer, that's right no fertilizer. That is almost unheard of in cannabis farming. They use complex composting methods to actually build their soil by raising other nutrient rich plants in the surrounding area. Now that is pretty dope!My attention is drawn immediately to my left. There's medicated cotton candy next door so I make my way over to the B Edibles table to "test the merchandise". I was not disappointed! She had some awesome flavor options including wasabi?! You heard right…sadly I'm not that daring, I went with the berry and it was soooo delicious!!The Good Stuff Tonics is up next, and all I can say is mmm…this stuff is goooood!! (Shameless 3 Ninjas reference if y'all didn't catch that!) They had run out of a majority of the flavors at their booth by the time I stopped by…well basically all except for one, so my only option was the blueberry. Now I'm usually not a blueberry fan…like at all. I know I'm weird. I usually pick around them when confronted in a dish, and well pretty much just avoid the flavor all together. So initially I was disappointed, but much to my surprise it was absolutely phenomenal! Besides my dislike for blueberries I consider myself a bit of a kombucha snob to boot so I was honestly a little taken aback! I was really looking forward to trying the other flavors as well, thankfully they provided a sample of the ginger apple in the gift bag!!The table for Bud & Bloom, a refined dispensary out of Orange County, was placed towards the back of the room. Showcasing a preview their various products, including; Lowell Farms, Honey Pot, and Petra Mints by Kiva, an array of items that I'm very familiar with along with some new friends they provided in their swag bag.CBD gummies by CBD Living, a vape pen by Marley Natural, balm by Papa & Barkley, a sample of Apothecanna's relieving body cream, and a cartridge by Rove. Last but not least, theMary Jane University booth is situated at the end and seems to have a lot of goodies to look at! MJU is an educational group focused in providing easily digestible knowledge on cannabis lifestyle and products in an approachable and interactive learning environment. As hosts of the event, along with 420 Foodie Club, they provided an awesome gift bag.Filled with some items from the event, and a bunch of other cool stuff!! A honey stick from Honey Pot, a brownie fromMama Leary's Edibles, as well as Numa, an interesting new sublingual/edible by Innovative Edibles.CBD lip balm and an under eye serum by Crave Skincare.That amazing CBD miso from Om Edibles, and more Good Stuff Tonics kombucha!Easy to say I had a fantastic time!! If you or someone you know are total crap when it comes to rolling I 'highly' recommend you checkout this workshop. (So punny!!) Also, if you're good at rolling…or somewhere on the in-between and just like sushi and weed you should probably go ahead and checkout this workshop too. MJU High Dining Club throws various different types of Cannabis events so be sure to stop by their website for more info and an up to date look at their calendar!!
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