How much impairment is caused by marijuana compared to alcohol?

It’s a tough study to complete, since there is no way to measure someone’s level of impairment from marijuana, aside from traditional drug tests. Traditional drug tests are decent, but they do not have the instant results like a breathalyzer to measure impairment realistically. A study completed by R. Andrew Sewell, MD, James Poling, PhD, and Mehmet Sofuoglu, MD, PhD, explains this issue in detail.

Long story short, marijuana barely showed any physical or mental impairment at all, while alcohol caused impairment and the consumers didn’t even realize it. To keep alcohol legal and to have marijuana illegal makes no sense, based on these findings.

So what do we do?

The next multimillionaire will be the inventor of a reasonably accurate portable THC impairment test, with minimal to no invasive action required.

Cannabis saves lives, it’s proven. It curbs the need for horrible synthetic drugs and opiates, stops seizures that once required highly addictive benzodiazepines, and provides a feeling of well being for depression.

Stay safe out there! Stay green!

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