With the Cannabis Industry gearing up for the beginning of recreational sales and distribution next year many companies are being started in an attempt to become a dominate brand by the time the "Green Rush" hits. While most of these companies are either Edible makers, concentrate makers or Small Grow Operations, those with the capital tend to branch out to the possibly more lucrative business opportunities that are not considered low hanging fruit such as Vape Companies or equipment manufacturing for mass production. Out of the Tech Savvy Silicon ValleyCloudious 9is just that.To start, The Hydrology 9 came in a extremely well organized and beautifully packaged box set. Each component was packaged separately but the actual device itself came pre-assembled. The only action that was to be taken was to fill the chamber with water. The Hydrology 9, has many perks being a water filtered vaporizer, including taste and light draw however, the complexity of the instrument could easily turn the average recreational smoker off. Once the proper water level was reached, I took careful time to read the instructions, though tedious, I was convinced that if this amount of preparation went into a vaporizing vessel, it should and would exceed expectations.After being properly assembled, filled, and charged, the device will take you through a series of heat options to choose from, a total of 5. The lowest ranging from almost no sign of vapor particles and the real taste or flavor of the buds themselves. The middle range, my most satisfying setting, produces light hazy vapor complete with slight tension on the lungs. The taste and scent of the flowers runs almost unchanged from in the container to the draw from the Hydrology 9, most likely due to the innovative vapor-filtration technology. The highest setting seemed to completely toast the flowers and requires you to rotate the stir handle located at the bottom of the device, to keep the buds toasting evenly. However the effect from the highest setting is probably closer to a light bubbler rather than a vaporizer.Overall, the device has obviously had a great deal of time put into this quality creation. Although complicated and to some extent a little excessive, it stands alone as the premier filtered-vaporizer on the market, and can hold its weight. To a patient that has the need to both be, heavily medicated and light on air passages, this product could be a godsend. If one is willing to take on the cleaning responsibilities associated, the complicated procedures and the 250$ price tag, than the Hydrology 9 is the perfect addition to the modern Cannabis user. Personally, I will strongly recommend daily use of the Hydrology 9 for patients with heavy medical needs however for regular recreational use, one may not understand or appreciate its full value or potential. Visit their website and sign up to find put when it will be available in your area!- Cloudious 9 – Hydrology 9
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