Level Blends Vape Review

Level Blendswill soon be taking the vape cartridge world by storm if their newest line of products is any indication of what's to come. Featuring extremely professional and informative packaging and incredibly clean, potent products, Level Blends will no doubt quickly shoot to the top as an industry leader(or will at least be copied by many). Each distillate blends a cannabis strain with additional cannabis derived terpenes to fine tune it's desired effects. The blends are solvent free, pesticide free and contain no additional chemicals like PEG or other cutting agents.When I first received their products I was blown away by the packaging. So many small gripes I've previously held regarding other vape cartridges were not only addressed but expertly designed. Each cartridge is metal and glass but is also clearly labeled so that you know which cartridge you are using. While this seems like a small, simple measure yet I have seen no other companies do this which allows you to quickly determine which strain you are vaping when switching between cartridges on the go. Each package is also clearly labeled with the effects provided by each blend. Forgoing traditional strains, each blend is made using cannabis distillate and additional cannabis terpenes. Indica to sativa effects range on a scale from 'Spark' being the most uplifting to 'High' and eventually blending into the Indica effects 'Float' and 'Dissolve'. This lets each patient clearly understand the desired effects instead of only providing them with a strain name they may or may not have encountered before.Level also features their Harmonic line which blends CBD and THC in various ratios. We were provided with samples of their 'Remedy' blend which is almost a 3:1 CBD:THC ratio and their 'Uplift' cartridge which is very close to 1:1. These were some of the highest grade CBD cartridges I have ever had the pleasure of trying featuring very pure oil and prominent effects. Each package is also clearly labeled with lab testing results, including the date and batch each cart was produced. This is extremely important for quality control and I am glad to see Level making this information public.As I compose this review I'm puffing on the 'Spark' cartridge which is advertised to enhance being creative and good for focus. I can attest to this as the words are freely flowing from my brain to my fingertips while soothing my anxiety of having to complete this task on time. I am extremely excited to see what Level will come up with in the future as they have now shot to the top of my list when it comes to dependable vape cartridges.Appearance (5/5)Extremely pleasing visual packaging combined with informative explanations of effects and benefits.Smell (4/5)Extremely mild smells that can be of great value to the discreet toker.Taste (4/5)Cartridges range from classic to enhanced flavor. I didn't personally notice a difference but all of them were pleasant and fulfilling across the board.Effects (5/5)Potent and wide ranging effects with large, pleasing clouds.Value (5/5)Each cartridge includes 500mg of pure oil in an extremely solid and well designed package.To shop for their products online Click here!Enjoy!
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