Top leaders of the NFLPA, the players association that represents the athletes of the National Football league are preparing a proposal for the league to soften its stance on marijuana. According to TheWashington Postunion leaders are planning to submit a proposal to the league to amend its harsh penalties for cannabis use.The national football league currently has a hard ban on marijuana use. Players caught using cannabis can result in anything from large fines, suspension and even banishment from the league.These bylaws can cause great strife for players and their families. Fans of the league can remember the case of Josh Gordon, the all pro standout for the browns whose follow up season's were cut short due to multiple infractions of the leagues substance abuse policy, strictly for cannabis lead to his year long suspension andneed to seek employment for a Cleveland area car dealership. Gordon eventually won an appeal to have his suspension reduced to 10 games. However the inability to practice with his team throughout the season led to a below average level of performance.The Browns and the League eventually expelled Gordon for subsequent violations.Josh Gordon 2016DeMaurice Smith, the Union's executive director had this to say“I do think that issues of addressing it more in a treatment and less punitive measure is appropriate,”Smith said in a meeting with Washington Post reporters and editors. A good first step in changing a culture of pain management centered around the misuse of opioids' .DeMaurice SmithThe NFL also see's an optic's issues at play here. The league currently operates in several states where recreational cannabis is low legal, and even more for where its medical use is permitted.To continually ban all star playersonly servers to frustrate fan bases most of which are located in areas that have some kind of leniency towards cannabis.Hopefully the league will listen to the unions proposal as it tool which players are able to attain safe pain management without having to risk all that they have worked for.What do you think?
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