Earlier this week we received an Ooze glass blunt and an Ooze GUSHER globe kit. The blunt was pretty epic, I managed to fit a whole ground eighth in there that burned perfectly slow. I've always loved glass blunts. This one hit smooth as butter. If you’re a person looking to get away from Tobacco Blunt Wraps this is definitely a solid choice. You can pack it to the brim or pack yourself a tiny little blunt which is also nice as I don't always have the time to smoke an entire blunt. If you're the one hit every hour type of smoker just pack the whole thing and enjoy a full day of single hits.Now the Gusher glob kit, AMAZING! It comes with everything you need. I still love smoking flower but this little switch I made from flower to concentrate has been great to me and my lungs. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my flowers but this glob kit has just been sealing the deal for me. I love that with 2 huge rips, I was already fully medicated and in a state of couch lock. this rig is portable and super convenient, I've been taking it literally everywhere I go! Was hitting my pen at magic mountain and started to think I ended up at Disneyland. I recommend that if you buy this set up, keep it as clean as possible, clean on a weekly or bi-weekly basis otherwise the performance will lag. no different than any other vape kit on the market today. The battery life is decent. If you’re constantly hitting it nonstop, it’ll last you about 35-45 minutes but if you’re not hitting it like it's the last vape on earth it will last you a while. I drove to San Diego from Los Angeles, 7 and a half hours with traffic and the battery managed to last me that whole trip. If you're looking to cut back on the smoke and tar I highly, highly recommend you all to go to ooze and get yourself this glob kit hell, get yourself a glass blunt as well! Thank you to Eddie and the rest of the Ooze family!Enjoy!
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