As much as I don't like the joints clubs give you for free. I always enjoy a good gourmet pre rollI've started seeing these Presidential pre rolls come out getting some good shelf space at local dispensaries. I was intrigued enough by their claim of 800mg of THC and .5g of hash I decided to put them up against the heavyweight of the industry, Cavi Cone.Read on to see how this newcomer faired against a long time California medical cannabis staple.Price:Both standard retail for $15. Since the Cavi Cone is a more well known brand clubs are more likely to offer specials and I usually come across Cavi's on sale for 2/25 a couple of times a week. Haven't really encountered a deal on the presidential except they did host a patient appreciation day at my local clinic and I scored a free one. (Although their driver was late to deliver the samples) Winner: Tie (no winner on everyday value as it's not always possible to find special deals)Flavor:I chose Piña Colada for the presidential roll and strawberry for the cavi cone. I am going to immediately deduct taste points from Presidential for tasting like sunscreen. Unfortunate as well is the quality of the bud seems sub par, as Does the comparative flavor selection. As for the Cavi Cone the only flavor I don't love is plain. My favorite this strawberry just beats out for their delicious and succulent raspberry. Look out at select clubs for their secret pumpkin flavor if you can find it though. Winner: Cavi ConePotency:even with its claim of high THC content the presidential once again fell short of the Cavi Cone in another important area. I'm a high tolerance patient and still find myself not needing to smoke an entire cavi cone in one sitting. I feel as though smoking the entire Presidential roll left me pretty unsatisfied with the buzz I received from what is supposed to a premium product. Winner: Cavi ConeConclusion:After a tie on price it is the Cavi Cones quality made it quickly jump ahead and cans be deemed the obviousvictor in this comparison and maybe the go joint to in the gourmet pre roll market. Cavi offered superior potency, delicious taste and better overall value. As for the Presidential I say may need a bit of work. I'd suggest switching to a sweeter hash, or maybe add a sprinkle of Kief in order to increase your potency. As for Cavi cone don't change a thing except let us know where we can find more pumpkin favor!
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