PURPLE LEAN KUSH REVIEW(photo provided from the clubs menu)I came across a picture of this strain on weed maps and absolutely had to go check it out.Appearance:I'll start by saying the editing makes the purple and reds appear much more vivid then in person. Below is a picture I took.Yes the flower was definitely purple, about 95% covered I'd say but….I also had to edited the picture so you guys could see the detail and purple color. Regardless this strain produces a beautiful flower that would have any Non-Cali native droolingSmell:Delivers a dank and potent smell like most Kush. This particular one smelled most of musty pine with a slight sweetness. The trichomes were putting in some serious work.Taste:Heavy, Bold with a thick smoke. This strain has a classic purple earthiness with a pungent musk overshadowing it's semi-sweet smoke flavor.High: (CAUTION BEGINNERS – VERY POTENT!)In my experience true purple strains have great pain relief properties while at the same time delivering an intense head and body heavy sensation which is great if you love a very potent cerebral strain or naps. Some visual effects, Haven't had a strain that has made me see colors like this in a while which speaks volumes on the potency of this particular harvest.Conclusion:Although this strain doesn't look as extravagant in person as the pictures lead me to believe, it still looked great and was absolutely some flavorful high grade cannabis.RATING: 4.5/5
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