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President Donald Trump’s appointment of Alabama conservative Jeff Sessions to head the Justice Department had many drug reform advocates worried. But the editor of a top Libertarian magazine says Sessions has, at best, the ability to slow the trend toward national marijuana legalization.

“The Trump administration can slow down marijuana legalization, but they can’t stop it,” Reason senior editor Jacob Sullum says in a video recently produced by the outlet.

The issue, Sullum contends, is a lack of federal power to force “legal” states to reintroduce harsh marijuana laws.

But Sessions does have some options if he is interested in using federal power to trump individual and state rights because he believes prohibition policies work.

“He could indeed crack down on a lot of businesses in the states where marijuana is legal,” according to Sullum. “That would obviously have a very disrupting effect on the industry.”

In places where marijuana reform has created a legal, regulated new industry complete with jobs and tax dollars, Sessions’ federal attempts aren’t going to be too popular.

As Business Insider reported:

Legal weed in North America is expected to reach $22.6 billion in revenue in 2021. An annual growth rate of 27% is likely to continue over the next four years, even if Trump’s administration and the US Department of Justice opposes the industry…

And in November, four Republican-majority states– Arizona, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota– said ‘yes’ to marijuana-friendly ballot initiatives.

With that in mind, Sessions should probably look for something better to do.

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