As a novice vapor I must admit I was intimidated upon first receivingThe LadlebySauce Medicated Vape. At a glance I noticed an incredibly solid construction and sleek design which had me thinking I was about to unload a sophisticated yet complicated vape experience. However through ease of operation and some brilliant design choices, the Ladle is not only extremely effective but a joy to use.Coming out ofLos Angeles, Sauce Medicated Vape has been operating since September 2016 but has already developed a ferocious fan following for their 3 premium Medicated e-juices. Founders at Sauce were responsible for organizing the originalCompasseshevents around the LA area, which have long been infamous among cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts. This connection to the community provided their first developments into producing their own line of medicated products but they have always been involved in giving back to those in need regularly organizing collection drives for Toys for Tots and other charitable groups. Officially launching this past October, The Ladle is Sauce's first branded product to hit store shelves and I was extremely excited to finally try one out.Upon a closer inspection I was impressed by their professional packaging and great style which separates them from most Cannabis brands which tend to overly use the "weed leaf". The device is small, extremely portable and can basically fit into any pocket which according to my many friends who vape is a huge plus when it comes to travel and storage. After the first puff I was taken aback by the size and strength of the cloud produced by the Ladle. If you are only used to smaller wick based or cartridge based hits, The Ladle provides a whole different cloud of medicating goodness. A beginner need only pull lightly and puff once or twice to produce a huge hit that is not only medicating but extremely flavorful. I first loaded up my tank with their"Medicated Melon"flavor. I was surprised to find that each 15ml bottle includes a staggering 750mg of THC! This is definitely a huge value if you are a heavy smoker not to mention a healthier alternative to using any tobacco products along with your meds. The flavor of the melon was smooth yet tangy and I dug it's mellow fruitiness with a tinge of tropical breeze. Another added benefit of the great taste was that after vaping indoors my apartment smelled amazing haha.The potency was not fully appreciated upon first puffs as I had to adjust the heat and air intake settings down to my preference. Using the easy and handy control, this was no issue and once I was at my desired temp the clouds didn't stop coming. The internal battery also holds a great charge as I went over a week without needing to charge mine. Luckily should the need arise you can use any micro USB charging device you may have at home. After trying the additional two Sauce flavors ofSugar Cookie (sweet baked goodness)andStrawberry Cheesecake (tangy, creamy and fruity)I was hooked but I was hoping for some more difference in the flavors as they were all sweet and pleasant but not exactly unique from each other. Luckily Sauce will be releasing a set of new strain flavor combinations and CBD options shortly so no e-juice aficionado should go disappointed.Overall,I was surprised how much I enjoyed using The Ladle but as it's own unique experience apart from my usual traditions. I don't think it will replace my bowl or blunt but in public settings where you may need to lay low, it is a more than welcome alternative to the typically less than placating 510-thread vape cartridges and I'm excited to see where this company/industry goes!Appearance/Packaging – 4/5- A sleek and stylish compact design that looks great and works better. Be cautioned that sometimes the device will get hot if you hold from underneath. Also though solidly constructed I do have a blemish or two on the outer case even though I have only kept it in my jacket pocket.Smell – 5/5- Aromatic and extremely pleasing to cape around the house. Also a great option for work environments where you cannot have a more herbal smell.Taste – 3.5/5- Though each flavor taste great and unique I am looking forward to more diversity in the future!Effects – 3.5/5- Effective and clean once you are comfortable with your preferred settings. Be prepared to cough while you figure that out as The Ladle gives huge hits!Value – 4/5- A great all in one package at a great price point, I only wish a USB charger had been included. Also a great value for medicated e-juice compared to other brands.
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