Sheriff’s Deputies Intercept Marijuana Shipment headed to Kentucky

Huntsville, TN (2017-06-16) Two east Tennessee men are behind bars after local authorities intercepted a shipment of marijuana headed from Morristown to Albany, KY.  Both detainees were wanted on other charges in other east Tennessee jurisdictions.

Justin K. Covington, age 24, and his brother, identified as Bobby W. Covington, age 32, both of Morristown, were jailed Wednesday evening following a traffic stop in the Robbins community.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Deputy Keith Hawkins of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, the pair was allegedly transporting nearly a half pound of marijuana from Morristown, TN to a buyer in Albany, KY.

In addition to the pot that authorities found hidden in the wall of the trunk of Justin Covington’s car, authorities say they also found an open bag of blunt cigars, two vials of hash wax, and a schedule I narcotic in the center console.  Justin also reportedly had a marijuana grinder in his wallet, and Bobby Covington reportedly had a small amount of marijuana tucked inside his shoe.

Authorities say Justin Covington had negotiated the sale of 7 ounces of pot with a buyer identified only as ‘Rob’ in Albany, KY.  From text messages on Justin Covington’s cell phone, authorities reportedly learned that ‘Rob’ was going to pay Justin $1550 for the marijuana and $140 for the hash wax.

Justin Covington was originally stopped for speeding on U.S. 27, about a mile north of the S.R. 52 junction.  According to Hawkins, when he spoke with Justin, he appeared nervous and his hands were shaking.  K-9 handler Daniel Garrett then deployed his dog, Hacon, who reportedly alerted authorities to the presence of drugs on both the driver and passenger side doors and the trunk.  Hawkins also noted that Covington had stuffed dryer sheets into the car’s air vents.

The pair was charged with possession of marijuana for resale, simple possession of marijuana, possession of a schedule I controlled substance for resale, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Justin Covington was also charged with speeding.

In addition to the local charges, Justin Covington was a wanted fugitive in Morristown.  Bobby Covington was wanted in Jefferson County.

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