Sow Eden CBD Products Review

Out ofSouthern California, Sow Eden Organicsspecializes in providing excellent quality Organic CBD products and information to the masses. CBD or Cannabidiol is an extremely powerful cannabinoid used to treat a multitude of diagnoses and is heralded for it's mostly non-psychoactive properties. Their extremely low THC levels are comforting for inexperienced or older patients who are not seeking the traditional buzz we may seek from out typical edible experience. However so many more patients and patrons of the cannabis plant alike could benefit from these tinctures and treats as the trend continues!California Weed Blog was provided with two flavors of their 24:1 CBD tincture and a couple packages of their CBD Ginger Snaps (which were absolutely delicious!) which are both award winning. The 24:1 refers to ratio of CBD and THC which in these bottles would be 150mg of CBD and only 6.25mg of THC. This is an incredible formula for patients seeking highly functioning relief for a multitude of medical diagnosis ranging as varied as inflammatory pain, depression, anxiety and epileptic seizures. Honestly, we're always a little skeptical when it comes to CBD tinctures or really any CBD products when it comes to effectiveness but especially taste. Both the Lemon and the Cinnamon + Tumeric tincture were extremely palatable with a subtle flavor and slight oil mouth feel that made it easy to hold under your tongue for the recommended 30 seconds to absorb sublingually.This can be attributed to the basic ingredients inside which contain only MCT oil, CBD extract and all natural flavoring and botanicals. Certain days I would take one dropper full in the morning as a way of righting myself and steal my nerves on a difficult morning. Other days if I found myself experiencing tension of stomach discomfort I found two droppers or about 20mg was perfect for quelling an IBS attack before it started. One sees the most results from daily CBD supplement use so although it does work well in the moment, the best effects are those that are felt long term. Each bottle retails for just $50 which compared to other high CBD ratio items is a great deal.The Ginger Snaps came 6 to a package amounting for a total of 60mg CBD with each cookie amounting to 10 mg CBD and < 0.5 mg THC per cookie. This is an excellent beginner dose. Each cookie was spicy and sweet while being perfectly balanced. Slightly crispy, each cookie also includes less sugar and fat than the typical baked good edible. This makes an excellent choice for patients seeking mild relief and just want to enjoy a mild buzz. Every ingredient was 100% natural and Organic leading to great taste and even better results.Appearance (5/5):Sow Eden's packaging is extremely attractive and wouldn't look out of place on the shelf of a local Whole Foods or any Natural foods Market.Taste (4/5):Outstanding mild taste makes for a light and enjoyable experience. We really liked the fact that the usual Cannabis flavor associated with edibles was extremely tame which I'm sure has contributed to their multiple awards.Effects (4/5):Outstanding CBD relief that allows for extreme comfortability.Overall (4/5):Sow Eden Organics is leading the wave when it comes to CBD products. They have perfected their formulas and are ready to conquer the national CBD market. For now many of their products can only be found in .CA medical dispensaries but look for the option to order their CBD exclusive products online soon.They have a full list of clubs that carry their products on their website from all over the state click here or the picture below and scroll to the bottom of the page to find a club near you!
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